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Reed & bush warblers

Subtitel  Helm Identification Guides 
ISBN  9780713660227 
Auteur  Kennerley P. ; Pearson D. 
Uitgever  Christopher Helm 
Aantal pagina's  608 
Lengte rug (in cm)  24 
Geïllustreerd  rijk  Bestel
Prijs in euro  79,50 
Bindwijze  hardback 
Jaar van uitgave  2010 
This detailed and comprehensive identification guide follows in the mould of the books 'Sylvia Warblers' and 'Pipits and Wagtails'.

It primarily covers the genera Acrocephalus, Locustella, Cettia and Bradypterus, together with a few smaller related genera. To the uninitiated, these are the archetypal ‘little brown jobs’ and as if they weren’t hard enough to identify anyway, many of them are hard to see as well!

This authoritative handbook covers their identification in breathtaking detail, illustrated with line drawings, sonograms, wonderful colour plates and photographs. It is destined to become the ultimate reference for these challenging birds.  
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