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A complete guide to the frogs of Southern Africa

ISBN  9781770074460 
Auteur  Preez L. du ; Carruthers V. 
Uitgever  Struik publishers 
Aantal pagina's  488 
Lengte rug (in cm)  24 
Geïllustreerd  rijk  Bestel
Prijs in euro  19,50 
Bindwijze  paperback 
Jaar van uitgave  2009 
This remarkably beautiful illustrated guide begins with a concise introduction to the general biology of these amphibians which includes classification, taxonomy and evolution, as well as morphology, physiology, reproduction and vocalisation, environmental aspects, and humans and frogs.

Clear field keys to frogs and tadpoles are presented. Species accounts include key id points and distinctive characters. Spectrograms -sonograms- are given at the end of the book as well as a glossary.

Added also is a CD with Southern African frog calls.   
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