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Advanced bird ID handbook : The Western Palearctic

ISBN  9781780090221 
Auteur  Duivendijk N. van 
Uitgever  New Holland 
Aantal pagina's  416 
Lengte rug (in cm)  26 
Geïllustreerd  nee  Bestel
Prijs in euro  31,30 
Bindwijze  paperback 
Jaar van uitgave  2011 
This book is intended as a reference companion for the original 'Advanced bird ID guide, the ground-breaking title by the same author that relies on characteristic lists to assist with species identification.

This new volume has larger and more widely spaced text, and more than 100 additional pages, making it much more easy to use. In addition it has been fully updated with additions and amendments to the accounts of nearly every species, all recent taxonomic changes and new species in the region.
It includes more than 20 tables giving side-by-side comparisons of the features of sets of similar species. There is also a full checklist of Western Palearctic species.  
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