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European non-marine molluscs - A guide for species identification

Subtitel  Bestimmungsbuch für europäische Land- und Süsswassermollusken 
ISBN  9783933922755 
Auteur  Welter-Schultes F. 
Uitgever  Planet Poster Editions 
Aantal pagina's  674 
Lengte rug (in cm)  30 
Geïllustreerd  rijk  Bestel
Prijs in euro  175,00 
Bindwijze  hardback 
Jaar van uitgave  2012 
This wunderful book features 2150 (!) species of European non-marine molluscs (land snails, freshwater snails and mussels). For each species a brief description is given, size, habitat, a distribution map, and if known, data on reproduction, biology and threat. Most species are equipped with photos of about 4-8 shells.

This book allows reliable determination of a large part of Europe's living mollusc species, without about 400 species of hydrobioids, which are very small snails of freshwater sources with extremely restricted ranges, and which are practically only known to the specialists.

It includes Cyprus and Turkey's western regions and the Caucasus region. In the east the area extends approximately to the Moscow region. Iceland is also included, but not the eastern Atlantic islands (Canary Islands, Madeira, Azores).

The highlight of this book is a special 78-page insert (quick identification guide). This so-called "Swiss brochure" is bound separately into the book, opposite of the spine. The Quick ID consists of maps and photos, and allows very rapid pre-determination of the species. In 70-80% of cases the species may already here be well recognized. The Quick ID can be opened separately (you can always have 3 pages open simultaneously, and put a left-hand page of the Quick ID onto the right-hand page section of the main book, or even hide some Quick ID pages underneath).  
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